DVR Manufacturers Capitulate

The Associated Press has an overview piece on how the makers of digital video recorders are capitulating to (excuse me, “voluntarily cooperating with”) Hollywood and other members of the Content Cartel. Not too surprising given the shots fired through the bow of Sonicblue (makers of ReplayTV), forcing them into bankruptcy after paying millions in legal fees. In line with the rest of the industry, ReplayTV’s new owners say they will be good little boys and remove the ability to auto-skip commercials or send recorded programs over the Internet to other Replay users.

In the short run this means consumers get fewer features, but in the long run it’s just more sand thrown against the tide. DVRs are just commodity hardware, some standard drivers and a little bit of interface software. If UltimateTV, TiVo or ReplayTV doesn’t provide the features people want then a whole host of small manufacturers, kit makers and do-it-yourself modification kits are all more than willing to fill the gap.

DVR Manufacturers Capitulate