August 2007

Offline Wikipedia Reader

I used to love my locally-cached copy of Wikipedia on my Treo 650 (after two years, a new update of the TomeRaider version was created back in February), but now that I’ve turned in my Treo for an iPhone I’m looking for a replacement reader. I’m not there yet, but this desktop-based offline Wikipedia reader is a good start to the project. As the author puts it:

Isn’t the world of Open Source amazing? I was able to build this in two days, most of which were spent searching for the appropriate tools. Simply unbelievable… toying around with these tools and writing less than 200 lines of code, and… presto!

More on my efforts to get a locally-cached copy of Wikipedia readable from my iPhone (perhaps with the iPhone book-reader app that was recently hacked together) once it comes back from repairs…

(Thanks to Fairyshaman for the link!)

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