Homeopathic remedy

This past Sunday I was really sore from dancing for four hours after a two-and-a-half-hour intro-to-yoga class. So a friend of mine offered some homeopathic-remedy pills (Arnica). I followed the directions and took four pills under the tongue, but the next morning I was still sore.

So then I started thinking… homeopathic medicine gets stronger the more you dilute it, right? So that next morning I took just two pills — kinda like taking twice the recommended dose of ibuprophin I figured. Even that didn’t seem to be enough though, so that evening I really pushed it and didn’t take any of the pills. And you know what? The next morning I wasn’t the least bit sore.

After that experience I’m afraid I went overboard, and started not taking all sorts of homeopathic remedies. I didn’t take Belladonna for headaches, took no Allium for my allergies and even avoided Ferrum Phosphoricum to improve my stamina. So far I feel great, but to be honest I’m a little concerned. After all, there are a lot of other homeopathic remedies I’m not taking, and most of them I don’t even know I’m not taking them! Could I be going too far with this? Is better living through lack of chemistry really the answer?