Halloween costumes from Portal 2

Halloween costumes from Portal 2 this year. Next year I think I’ll push for a nice simple Dracula costume :). [Migrated from Google+]

Atlas (from Portal 2) Halloween costume

Close to finishing my son’s Halloween costume (just need to do legs and a portal gun). Biggest problem is that it’s too heavy on his shoulders to wear comfortably. I really need to figure out a better harness or padding. [Migrated from Google+]

Augmented reality in museums

My brother recently gave an academic talk on augmented reality use in museums, using AR as the medium. Museums are always the first application of AR people think of, and it often doesn’t work in practice as well as you’d expect. I think Geoff has a lot of insight into where it does and doesn’t …

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Introducing Project Loon

After almost two years, I’m proud to finally be able to reveal what I’ve been working on at Google :). For 2 out of every 3 people on earth, a fast, affordable Internet connection is still out of reach.  Today we are unveiling our latest moonshot from Google [x] – Project Loon: balloon-powered internet access. …

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Coffee Computers and Song

Filk album put out by a former coworker of mine — take a listen. [Migrated from Google+]