Resurrecting DocBug

I started blogging at DocBug back in 2003 as a way to think through my ideas about technology, culture, and whatever else was on my mind that didn’t fit LiveJournal’s vibe. For several years I was posting three to four times a week, sometimes spending hours researching a post, but after I got married and had kids blogging fell by the wayside. I moved over to Google+ back when it was fresh and new, but as the bloom on Google+ faded (and as I shifted over to working on super-sekrit projects at Google X) I stopped posting there as well. The blog went offline in 2013, and Google+ eventually disappeared in 2019.

Now after almost 10 years I’m bringing it back. I’ve reconstructed the old DocBug and public Google+ posts from backup and migrated them to a modern WordPress install, along with a couple of cross-posted LinkedIn posts from a few months ago. All the posts are back-dated to the original post date, but I didn’t copy over any of the comments. In the end the migration wasn’t too painful — I just wrote a quick Python script that translated the original MoveableType HTML into a CSV input file that I then fed into the WordPress All Import Plugin.

A self-hosted single-author blog feels a little retro in this era of FaceBook and its ilk, but I’ve always liked the feeling of being able to drill holes in the wall wherever I want. Not sure how often I’ll be posting (especially as life gets busy again), but I have a small backlog of content that has built up over the past few years that I’ll post over the next few weeks, after which I expect I’ll post whenever the muse strikes me.