“Load The Ark” game kickstarter

Via Jay Schneider:

There’s a Kickstarter that I’m affiliated with that has just launched.

Short Version: I’d appreciate you checking it out/telling your friends

Long version: The Kickstarter will complete a dream of one my students from the UW’s Game Design Program. His purpose, stated clearly on the 1st day of class, was to create great family friendly games as he felt he could improve the quality of games in that market. Family friendly in this context doesn’t read as Christian but rather classical-Deist and accessible to all ages.

He approached me after graduation with an exceptional game design; a Tile-Swapping Game (like Bejeweled or Tetris) where every tile is an animal. A game where the animals move and interact with each other based on their natural behaviors and themed with along the lines of Noah’s Ark..Thus Load the Ark was born.

I felt especially honored that he wanted me to act as an adviser for the project. He’s been doing everything right, he’s built a company able to deliver on the game’s promise, he’s built prototypes of the design and he’s worked with talented artists to build a game that’s visually charming.

All in all, if you’d like to see a unique take on tile-swapping games that is accessible to children but with a depth of play that will intrigue adults as well, check it out.

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