Magnetic wall

This weekend’s project was to paint the dining room wall and bedroom doors with magnetic paint (paint with an iron-dust mix-in). Actually, this was my wife’s project while I fixed the bathroom sink — but that project was much less interesting to blog about. The dining room is shaping up to hold all the various birth & wedding announcements, plus magnetic poetry and probably some random wall games. The bedroom doors will be more personal expressions, and right now the guest room has tourist magnets from everyone who’s visited. Best of all, it’s a great excuse for another order from our favorite magnet source!

magnetic-primer.jpg magnetic-primer.jpg poetry-wall-thumb.jpg
Magnetic Primer The start of our
downstairs postboard…
…and poetry wall
magnetic-primer.jpg daughters-door-thumb.jpg our-door.jpg
Guest room door Our daughter’s
(*PINK*) door
Our bedroom door