And the first OSX Trojan in the wild goes to… Sony?

Last year there was a bunch of hoopla about the “first Mac OS X Trojan Horse”, a claim that was quickly dismissed as being a non-issue since it was just a proof of concept and wasn’t found in the wild.

Now it looks like we may have the first real Trojan for OS X found in the wild… being distributed by Sony. According to a tip published in Macintouch (and reported in The Register), Sony BMG is is including Mac-aware DRM software from Sunncomm in their new release of Imogen Heap’s CD Speak for Yourself. The application, innocuously called, installs two kernel extensions that implement Suncomm’s DRM scheme.

In their defense (legal, if not moral) the software does pop up an End User License Agreement that tells you what they’re going to do — and I’m sure you all read those EULAs in their entirety before clicking OK, right?