Digital Storytelling Festival in SF, Oct 7-9

In a couple weeks is the Digital Storytelling Festival in San Francisco (October 7-9):

The Digital Storytelling Festival was founded in1995 as an annual gathering where professionals and enthusiasts who use technology to communicate and share stories gather to examine creative works and new concepts being used in areas of education, community building, business, personal and legacy storytelling, new media and entertainment.

The Digital Storytelling Festival is an intimate gathering that inspires its audience with new knowledge, ideas and a better understanding of how the traditional form of storytelling is changing through the use of technology.

The Festival aspires to promote and evolve the art and practice of Digital Storytelling and encourages community by the sharing of ideas and meaningful dialogue among all its participants.

Registration is $350 ($200 student). The event is sponsored by KQED Public Radio & TV and the KQED Digital Storytelling Initiative.