Ex-pat Democrat on Kerry’s concession

From an interview with Donna Ducarme of Democrats Abroad, in the November 5th issue of The Amsterdam Times:

I’m physically wiped and sore all over and mentally tired. I’m so angry I can hardly breathe. Those of us who fought for Kerry are very disappointed and frightened that he lost. We’re worried for the future of America. I’m so angry that he conceded before all the votes were counted.

Kerry Sign in Amsterdam

My thing was to register all the voters we could possibly register; one of the reasons we got them registered is that we promised that their votes would matter and then he conceded before any of our votes had been counted. Kerry has created a problem amongst individual members but he’s also cut us overseas voting activists off at the knees because not only will potential voters not believe Kerry anymore, they won’t believe us.

I personally believe he has disenfranchised every overseas voter. We’re all voting by post and, when he conceded, all of our ballots were still sitting there in the boxes waiting to be counted. It’s a betrayal of a sort I’ve never experienced in my political life. We galvanized voters who’d not been involved in politics since the Vietnam years because they thought they could make a difference. Are we supposed to wait another thirty years before we rally those troops again and what happens to our country in the meantime?