A manly image…

Brief random musing: People always seem to see Republicans/Conservatives as macho, gunslinging, no-holds-barred, get-the-job-done-whatever-it-takes and see Democrats/Liberals as lovey-dovey, unwilling-to-hurt-anyone-or-take-a-stand… regardless of whether they’re actually that way or not.

Try this on for size: take Arnold Schwartzneger, George W. Bush and John Kerry. When it comes to having macho cred, what seperates the Democrat from the two Republicans?

Answer: Kerry is the only one to have personally killed a man with his own two hands. That’s an easy image to have of Schwartzneger of course — just rent it from Blockbuster. But picture it in your head for a second: Kerry’s hands soaked in blood, the gunshots still ringing in his ears. To me the image feels oddly out of context given his more professorial style now. But for some reason it’s easy to imagine buzz-boy-Bush with that macho image… even though I can’t quite bring myself to imagine it as it happens. Every time I try the image in my head always jumps to a vision of Bush and I having had too many drinks at the bar and he’s telling the same old story of how he got his scar… the one we never get tired of hearing ’cause it gets better with every telling.